100 Best Sermons

The following playlist is from a project called Throneroom Messages Volume 1.  Wow, your mind is about to be blown.  Just start at #1 and listen to the introduction of how this project came into being.  You’ll notice that you can enter certain topics in the playlist search bar (i.e., revival, love, grace, etc) if you are looking for something specific.  We do, however, recommend that you go through the entire list from 1 – 101 in order because they were specifically designed to build upon one another topically. 



Track 1 Paul Carmody: Introduction: Throneroom Messages Time: 00:02:38 Summary: Introduction: Throneroom Messages.

Track 2 Eric Alexander: Worship: The Glory of Revival Time: 00:43:09 Summary: Powerful orator. Excellent sermon on how to bring the God of Glory down to this earth.

Track 3 Eric Alexander: Glorification: Attaining the Goal Time: 00:42:33 Summary: The destiny of every believer to bring glory to God. A great message for this generation.

Track 4 Eric Alexander: The Beauty of Christ Time: 00:30:31 Summary: A description of Isa 52 of the marred Savior.

Track 5 John Ankerberg: If Jesus Wasn’t God, He Deserves An Oscar Time: 00:49:04 Summary: Compelling evidence that Jesus was who He said He was.

Track 6   Ern Baxter: Thy Kingdom Come Time: 01:04:12 Summary: One of the most powerful sermons in the last century on coming under the authority of the King in his kingdom.

Track 7  Mike Bickle: Cultivating a Heart After God Time: 02:00:31 Summary: Extremely powerful and clear teaching from the life of David.

Track 8  Mike Bickle: Being A People of One Thing Time: 00:46:45 Summary: Powerful message to eliminate anything that clouds our vision of eternal realities.

Track 9 Mike Bickle: The 10 Virgins and the Bridegroom Time: 00:52:12 Summary: Matt 25: Many preachers will run out of oil. Get back to the secret place.

Track 10 Duncan Campbell: The Fire of God Time: 00:48:52 Summary: The work and ministry of the Holy Spirit in the hearts to set them on fire.

Track 11 Duncan Campbell: Revive Us Again Time: 01:06:28 Summary: Revival in God’s way and time.

Track 12 Charles Carrin: Revival: The Power and Glory of God Time: 01:50:55 Summary: Given at Westminster Chapel in London. The power of God came down.

Track 13 Ray Comfort: Hell’s Best Kept Secret Time: 00:49:04 Summary: How to use the Law as a schoolmaster to bring sinners to Christ.

Track 14 Graham Cooke: The Hiddenness of God Time: 01:05:45 Summary: Humorous and to the point of how God often brings us to the next level by withdrawing his conscious presence.

Track 15 Arnold Dallimore: The Life of George Whitefield Time: 00:57:38 Summary: Poor archival tape quality, but awesome description of a great man.

Track 16 Joy Dawson: Exultant Joy Time: 01:23:31 Summary: Very powerful and heart searching Exhortation on how to increase your joy.

Track 17  Joy Dawson: The Fear of the Lord Time: 01:27:04 Summary: Best teaching on the fear of the Lord I have ever heard. Riveting and convicting.

Track 18  Jack Deere: Hearing the Voice of God Time: 00:50:31 Summary: Practical steps in hearing God’s voice in the small things we experience.

Track 19  Edward Donnelly: The Lamb: The Light of Heaven Time: 01:08:33 Summary: Very good teaching on the biblical doctrine of heaven.

Track 20 Edward Donnelly: Hell: Why Consider it? Time: 01:06:16 Summary: The importance of why we should look into this sadly neglected study.

Track 21 Edward Donnelly: Hell: What Will it be Like? Time: 01:09:52 Summary: Best message on hell I have ever heard.   Awesome!

Track 22 Don Fortner: Can These Bones Live? Time: 00:51:00 Summary: Great Preaching from Ezekiel 37. Unification of the Body of Christ.

Track 23 Joseph Garlington: Quantum Worship Time: 01:22:57 Summary: Awesome message on worship.

Track 24 John Gerstner: Hell: the Fate of the Lost Time: 01:28:26 Summary: Very good study taken from the theology of Jonathan Edward.

Track 25 Rick Godwin: 7 Keys to Discovering Your Destiny Time: 00:42:45 Summary: Very practical ways to discover why you are here.

Track 26 Billy Graham: Preaching in 4 Different Decades. 15 minutes. Time: 00:12:40 Summary: Short excerpts from great sermons he preached over 4 decades: 50’s, 60’s,70’s 80’s.

Track 27 Dudley Hall: The Land of Beginning Again Time: 00:56:12 Summary: Start over again no matter what you have done. God is not through with you.

Track 28 Vance Havner: Home Before Dark Time: 00:49:26 Summary: Good message for hope and comfort.

Track 29 William Hughes: The Son of Man: A Ransom for Many Time: 01:10:14 Summary: The attitude of humility we should adopt that emulates the Savior.

Track 30 Bernard Hull: Transferred Time: 01:19:30 Summary: From Col 1. The transfer from the kingdom of this world into God’s kingdom.

Track 31 Bernard Hull: Entering the Eternal Dance Time: 01:11:00 Summary: Profound insights concerning our privileges in our inheritance.

Track 32 Errol Hulse: The Happiness of God Time: 01:12:43 Summary: Great theology. Insight into the blessed state of God.

Track 33 Errol Hulse: What is a Soul? Time: 00:38:33 Summary: Great definition on what exactly is the soul made of and how it will last forever.

Track 34 Conrad Jarrell: The Lamb for the Slaughter Time: 00:55:00 Summary: What did Christ go thru to redeem us.

Track 35 Conrad Jarrell: Electing Grace Time: 01:28:45 Summary: Bestmessage on God’s sovereign grace I have ever heard….Air tight argument.

Track 36 R.T. Kendall: The Sovereignty of God Time: 01:23:12 Summary: A clear biblical approach to the God who controls everything there is.

Track 37 R.T. Kendall: Total Forgiveness Time: 00:47:36 Summary: Healing for those stuck and blocked by unforgiveness.

Track 38 RT Kendall: The Proof of Great Preaching Time: 00:43:16 Summary: Description of Paul as He preached at Corinth in 1 Cor 2.

Track 39 Don Kistler: The Beauty of God’s Word Time: 00:42:33 Summary: Shows the priority and superiority of God’s Word.     What are we doing with it?

Track 40 Peter Lewis: Revival: God’s Way Time: 01:19:33 Summary: Study on revival: God’s method and on God’s terms.

Track 41 Peter Lewis: Final Perseverance Time: 01:03:40 Summary: Very clear teaching on the power of Christ to preserve us to our final destination.

Track 42 Peter Lewis: The Great Condescension of Christ Phil 2:5-11 Time: 00:38:45 Summary: The humility of the Savior.

Track 43 Martyn Lloyd Jones: The Glory of God Time: 00:44:03 Summary: Everything in the universe will ultimately glorify God.   Paul’s teaching from Eph l:6.

Track 44 Martyn Lloyd Jones: The Dimensions of God’s Love Time: 00:46:44 Summary: This message is one of the best messages I have ever heard on Eph 3:16-19. The breadth, heights, lengths, and depths of the love of God.

Track 45 Richard Lucas: The Wrath of God Time: 00:50:57: Summary: Interesting insights to an attribute that needs no apology.

Track 46 Richard Lucas: The Grace of God Time: 00:53:16 Summary: Humorous and most inspiring to come boldly to the throne of Grace.

Track 47 Walter Martin: The Existence of God Time: 01:08:08 Summary: Clear evidence for the creator.

Track 48 Walter Martin: The Foolishness of God Time: 00:45:48 Summary: God doesn’t move or think like we do. Chooses nobodies to accomplish great things.

Track 49 Conrad Mbewe: Humility of the Savior Time: 01:03:00 Summary: Taken from Philippians 2: The kenosis. Very good.

Track 50  Conrad Mbewe: Conversion Time: 00:58:09 Summary: Paul’s Preaching in l Cor 2

Track 51 Aimee Semple McPherson: Divine Healing in the Word of God Time: 00:35:43 Summary: Not a special message, but taken from the 30’s. Restored and very clear to understand. A part of history.

Track 52 Norman Meeton: Christ Is My Life Time: 01:13:32 Summary: Taken from Paul. Orator. Compelling

Track 53 Ben Mott: Election: The Work of God Time: 01:33:16 Summary: Very powerful and convincing argument of God’s sovereign choice in electing individuals.

Track 54  Ben Mott: Eternal Preservation Time: 01:20:08 Summary: Clearest presentation on eternal security I have ever heard.

Track 55  Bob Mumford: The Burden of the Lord Time: 01:01:09 Summary: God’s heart and burden for a unified people.

Track 56 Ian Murray: John 17:23 Jesus’ Prayer for Unity Time: 00:46:52 Summary: Jesus Prayer for unity….very clear.

Track 57  Ian Murray: For Me to Live Is Christ Time: 00:52:33 Summary: Beautiful Exhortation from the life of Paul also states the importance of bringing Christ into every area of our lives.

Track 58 George Jr. Otis: God’s Trademarks Time: 00:39:40 Summary: Very good Exhortation to Christians to seek God’s glory above all else.

Track 59 George Jr. Otis: We Are the Laodiceans Time: 01:20:28 Summary: The Western church has become bankrupt and doesn’t know it.

Track 60 Dr JI Packer: Knowing God Time: 01:24:21 Summary: The importance of knowing our God in all his attributes.

Track 61 Dai Patterson: Death for Life Time: 01:08:57 Summary: Fiery and inspirational to give everything up for Christ.   You gain only to the degree you are willing to lose.

Track 62 David Pawson: The Kingdom of God Time: 01:06:48 Summary: Definition of the rule and authority of Christ’s kingdom.

Track 63 David Pawson: God’s Mercy Time: 01:25:40 Summary: Beautiful exposition from the life of Jonah.

Track 64 Frank Perretti: God’s Way or Man’s Way Time: 00::59:38 Summary: Humorous and insightful concerning the lies behind the new age movement.

Track 65 John Piper: Let Your Passion Be Single Time: 01:28:57 Summary: Stands out as one of the best messages I have ever heard on our passion to bring glory to God.   Great message.

Track 66 John Piper: God’s Passion for His Glory Time: 00::36:31 Summary: The Goal and Destiny of God: His Glory.

Track 67 Derek Prince: God Wrote Your Scenario Time: 01:15:43 Summary: Our lives and times were already fixed before time began.

Track 68 Herb Raush: God Is for Me Time: 01:25:36 Summary: Taken from Rom 8:28-39 Very good and empowering.

Track 69 Herb Raush: To Know the Love of Christ Time: 00:30:39 Summary: How to pass from theological understanding of the love of Christ into the heart-felt experience of it.

Track 70 Herb Raush: Nothing But the Blood Time: 01:47:12 Summary: Apply the blood alone on the doorposts for redemption. Clear and humorous.

Track 71 Leonard Ravenhill: Woe, Lo, Go Time: 00:45:09 Summary: Vintage Ravenhill from Isaiah’s vision from chapter 6

Track 72 Leonard Ravenhill: True Revival: The Presence of God Time: 00:58:48 Summary: Another vintage Ravenhill message on the cry of our hearts for the manifestation of God’s glory.

Track 73 Leonard Ravenhill: The Price of Revival Time: 01:22:28 Summary: What it will cost us to get God to really show up.

Track 74 Robert Rayburn: Preaching as a Mystical Event Time: 00:53:57 Summary: The clear standards from scripture for any who speak for God.

Track 75 Robert Rayburn: Preaching Biblical Truth in Tension Time: 00:49:26 Summary: Best presentation of human responsibility and divine sovereignty.

Track 76 Robert Rayburn: The Wrath of God Time: 00:33:04 Summary: Taken from Gen 6. Flood judgment.

Track 77 Robert Rayburn: God’s Grief Time: 00:32:07 Summary: Special Insights into God’s Grief

Track 78 Alan Redpath: The Burning Bush Time: 00:46:26 Summary: Moses encounter at the bush that burned with only 1 explanation.

Track 79 Paris Reidhead: 10 Shekels And a Shirt Time: 00:50:31 Summary: Message of the century. Compromising preachers.

Track 80 John Reisinger: The Patience and Longsuffering of God Time: 00:48:28 Summary: Excellent insight to one of God’s most neglected attributes.

Track 81 Hugh Ross: The Divine Watchmaker Time: 01:14:33 Summary: Science and bible make no contradiction.

Track 82 Hugh Ross: God’s Will vs. Man’s Will Time: 02:00:35 Summary: Great presentation of divine sovereignty and human response.

Track 83 Amresh Semurath: The Wrath of God Time: 01:08:55 Summary: The undiluted and unvarnished truth about this sadly neglected attribute.

Track 84 Malcolm Smith: The Year of Jubilee Time: 01:19:38 Summary: The Old Testament picture of the release of the captive. The real meaning of Luke 4:14-18.

Track 85 Malcolm Smith: God Has Spoken Heb 1:1 Time: 01:03:19 Summary: Taken from Heb 1:1-3    Beautiful exposition of how God has spoken to all of humanity in one final and all inclusive revelation thru the Son.

Track 86 Bob Sorge: Intimacy First, Service Second Time: 01:01:50 Summary: Very good teaching on getting our priorities in order.

Track 87 Bob Sorge: Envy Time: 01:14:57 Summary: One of the biggest hindrances to revival Very good and should be heard by all Christians.

Track 88 Bob Sorge: The Power of a Righteous Life Time: 01:08:48 Summary: How to walk before God in humility.

Track 89 R.C. Sproul: God’s Glory: God’s Mercy Time: 00:42:02 Summary: Taken from Ex 33:12-23.   Clear and sobering!

Track 90 Sam Storms: The Beauty and Joy of Heaven Time: 00:58:09 Summary: Theological study taken from the teachings of Jonathan Edward. Very good and scholarly.

Track 91 Charles Swindoll: Death on a Cross Time: 00:43:26 Summary: Best description on the agonies of the crucifixion from a medical viewpoint.

Track 92 Jack Taylor: The Kingdom of God Time: 01:03:04 Summary: Definition of Christ’s kingly sphere of authority. Very good.

Track 93 Ian Thomas: The Visible Image of God Time: 01:05:26 Summary: Awesome presentation of God’s ultimate purpose of reproducing his son in his people.

Track 94 Ian Thomas: Christ: The Astonishing Preacher Time: 01:09:38 Summary: Jesus was astonishing in his doctrine. We must learn from Him. .

Track 95 AW Tozer: The Man Who Exhalted God Time: 00:40:50 Summary: Beautiful Exhortation from the life of David from Ps 57. God’s Glory.

Track 96 AW Tozer: Attributes of God – Introduction Time: 00:40:44 Summary: Foundational on an awesome series on the nature of God.

Track 97 AW Tozer: The Man Who Met God in the Fire Time: 00:35:57 Summary: Moses call from Ex 3   Very Good.

Track 98 Wade Trimmer: The Other Side of the Good News Time: 01:03:24 Summary: Where the lost go for eternity: Hell.

Track 99 Wade Trimmer: How To Live In the Fear of God Time: 00:58:28 Summary: Excellent Preaching. Compelling.

Track 100 Alan Vincent: Awesome Reality of Heaven and Hell Time: 00:52:15 Summary: The contrast of the only 2 destiny’s.

Track 101 Bill Weise: Twenty-Three Minutes in Hell Time: 00:58:57 Summary: Out of body experience/23 minutes.