The Ever War

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The King James Bible teaches that God created the entire universe in Six Days, that all the Holy Angels (for they all still were) sang together and shouted for joy, and that God saw that Everything that He had made was very Good (for it all still was).

Then, the Seventh Day, Everything…changed—save only God, the Elect Holy Angels, and their heavenly Abode. This book is about Who, and What, and Why, and How those Changes were made.

It is the Story of Life and Death, Holiness and Sin, Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons, The Seed of The Woman and The The Seed of The Serpent.

It is the Story of the single Throne of God and of many Unidentified Flying Objects.

It is the Story of the Human Race…and of Another Race, which only looks human…and of still Others, which don’t at all.

It is the Story of an Innocent Man, Who died on a Cross and rose to be Lord on the Throne of Heaven…and of a Guilty Cherub, who fell from Glory and will rot forever in a Lake of Fire.

This  is The Story of The Ever War.

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