This week’s spotlight sermon is from Paul Carmody -How Can I Find Deep Intimacy With God?.  You can see more of this series by clicking here.

So many people find themselves asking the question, “How can I find deep intimacy with God?” If we want to get to know God, we need to read his word and take a deep exploration and all of his glorious attributes. It is very important for us to understand one very important thing. This one thing is that we cannot lose our salvation based on our works, or lack there of. Salvation is a gift, it is not earned. Salvation is a gift not a reward for deeds being performed.

Why Do We Worry – It Creates Anxiety

Why do we find ourselves worrying?  Especially, when we have the maker of the heavens and the universe on our side, who loves and cares for us. We need to learn to trust God more and leave the consequences to Him. Anxiety and worry is from the devil, who wishes to separate you from your loving relationship with God.

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